Beginners are always welcome at the Brisbane Dojo. Regardless of your age, sex, or current physical disposition, you can begin karate training and enjoy it. Karate is more than a physical exercise regime or a method of self-defence; it is a way of life, it is something that can be enjoyed by any and everyone.

Training Times & Fees

Mon 6:00 - 8:00pm (Paddington) - General Class
Tue 6:00 - 7:00pm (Paddington) - Fight Class
Wed 5:30 - 6:15pm (Paddington) - Beginner Class
Wed 6:30 - 8:15pm (Paddington) - General Class
Sat 8:30 - 10:30am (Paddington) - General Class

Monthly - $60 
Casual - $15 (per session)

Brisbane Dojo Syllabus

2017 Qld Kyokushin State Titles - 20th May

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017

The 2017 Qld State Titles will be held on the 20th May at St Josphs College Basketball Arena, Rogers St, Spring Hill.

The tournament is open to all ages and experience levels. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to gain more mat experience before Nationals.

There will also be a Kata division.

The weigh-in for all fighters will be held at 9am on the day of the tournament at the venue. Please ensure that all fighters are present at this time.

Registrations must be received by Wednesday 10th of May.

Tuesday Fight Class

Tuesday Fight Class

 Last Tuesday session before Christmas, well done to those who trained.

Also, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy new year. Start thinking about your plans for 2017!!

See you all in the new year.


Summer Grading and Last Training for 2016

This weekends grading will mark the last training session for the year. We encourage all students to come along and participate. Afterwards we will head out somewhere local for lunch and to celebrate all our achievements for 2016.

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday. OSU


Australian National 2016 Summary

Australian National 2016 Summary

The IKO website has been updated with the results of the Australian Nationals. There are some fantastic pictures. Again congratulations to all those who participated and helped make it a strong event. OSU

No Training on Monday Public Holiday

There will be no training on Monday 3rd October due to the public holiday.

Australian National 2016

Australian National 2016

Congratulations to all participants of the 2016 IKO national tournament. The day was a big success and well represented across all divisions including kids kata.

Brisbane dojo had one of its best days in its 30 year history. We had students in all categories and from little Libby Hopkins right through to Mark Stone in super heavy weight, we had our most successful day yet.

Well done to the first timers, what a great way to improve your dojo sparring.

To those in the kata division, it doesn't get more nerve racking than having to perform your kata in front of 4 of the highest ranks in the country.

It was all about experience and collecting medals and we certainly took home lots of both.

Congratulations to Luke, David V, sempai Callum, Carla, Kai, Kao, Mark Abel, Ujjeshi ( who fought in adult division), Steve V and Danny.

To our juniors with Tejas and Ciara who fought for their 2nd and 1st time.

A great day for Kyokushin Brisbane

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